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Tasnim Baghdadi


Tasnim Baghadadi is a German-Moroccan illustrator, art historian and self-taught designer based in Germany. Her love and passion for the rich heritage of Muslim visual culture lead her to Islamic cultural and religious studies (B.A.) and Islamic and Asian art history (M.A.) at the Friedrich Wilhelms-University in Bonn. She recently works as a research assistant in the fields of Persian and Mughal book art at the University of Münster and examines cultural exchange movements in the Muslim world with help of classical and hybrid book illustrations. The female face is one of her main subjects for visual narration, which she constantly constructs and deconstructs in different ways and with several techniques of abstraction and repetition. Her goal is to reclaim the female portrait, that in the mainly male dominated tradition of painting and art history, at times looses its depth and independence. As a female Artist of Color, she wishes to show faces with all of their strengths and imperfections. As an art historian and visual artist, she constantly takes in both perspectives and seeks to find a gap between theory and creative practice.




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