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Sara Foryame

Sara Foryame is an independent art curator with a special focus on minority artists in the gallery space as well as how art can influence dialogue between different communities. She aims to diversify the gallery space and mostly works with emerging artists. For the last two years, through educational and participatory methods in the UK, she has been focusing on how to create an inclusive and accessible space for the Muslim / Arab community through small and large-scale exhibitions. Sara is also the founder of Reconnecting Arts a platform that supports emerging Arab artists and facilitates cross-cultural dialogue through exhibitions, publications and workshops successfully supporting over 80 artists within one year of launching  Most recently in response to the current GCC crisis, Sara curated TRANSITION: Contemporary Art from the Middle East (supported by Qatar Museums), featuring 42 emerging Arab Artists in London, most of which were from the GCC. Over 350 visitors attended the opening night and a publication was produced. In November 2016, she curated RE CONNECT ING: Contemporary Art from Qatar, bringing emerging and established artists from Qatar for the very first time both exhibiting alongside each other and as a collective showing in London.  Educational workshops, film screenings and a bi-lingual publication were produced. Sara was also one of the first curators to be invited to curate a show at an Arab Gallery in London with the aim to raise the number of visitors. The show was a group exhibition bringing 6 artists from Palestine and from London exploring the notions of displacement, home and the occupation.  Sara Foryame is also a visual artist who uses imagery, sound and video to explore themes such as identity representation in particular focus to culture, land and faith.