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Moriam Grillo

Moriam Grillo is an award winning international artist who holds batchelors degrees in Photography and Film, and Ceramics. Moriam is currently being commissioned by The Luton Council of Faiths, an interfaith organisation in Bedfordshire, to create a series of murals with the local community. Community cohesion is a theme that runs through her work as is working with schools, local and vulnerable groups to build confidence and improve well being. Moriam has completed two artist residencies with Islamia Girls School and created a permanent art installation with students. She was also lead artist for the Mihrab Project, a community based activity to build a mihrab now housed at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. Moriam exhibits regularly and has sold her work, which ranges from sculptural to functional ware, in galleries across the country. Moriam is also a freelance broadcaster, writer and teacher, as well as CEO of the Butterfly Project, an arts organisation offering therapeutic support for survivors of domestic abuse




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